MERCEDES APARICIO, is an international and  prominent artist with an exhibition history of both solo and group shows in Spain, Switzerland, Austria, Germany and Paris since 1984.

She was born in the city of Santander, North Spain.

Mercedes early childhood took place in a house on the country side, she grew up in freedom and close to nature. She loved the folk tales and stories her grandfather used to tell her.

She remembers the loving care of her grandfather, parents, her two aunts and  two oncles, living around her. In 1966 her parents went to live to Switzerland, Schaffhausen and after to Zürich. She studied at the music school  in Schaffhausen.

She started to draw very early. Later on, she  studied  4 years Tecn. Ind. drowing. In the Dolmetscherschule in Zürich, german, english and french. The Art school in Bern. And to the Arthur Findlay College in Stansted, England.

At the present she lives in Zürich.